Patterson Purvis Mortuary
2238 Whaley St
Mansfield, LA 71052


Even after the death of your loved one, you still want to ensure that they are in good hands, where they will be treated with compassion and veneration. We understand just how special and unique each individual is, and we work hard to convey our respect through the treatment and handling of the deceased. Here at Patterson Purvis Mortuary, we strive to provide you with comfort and peace of mind, offering services that relieve much of the funeral planning stress.

We understand just how important it is to say your final goodbyes, which is why we are trained in the final preparation of your loved one. Dressed in their finest clothing with their hair combed and styled, your dearly departed will be ready for viewing. We want your final memory of them to be a pleasant one where they appear to be just as beautiful as ever.